When you’re new in town and wish to kill time, the easiest option is to hit the closest bar that may or may not sound like ‘Sheetal veg restaurant and family bar’. Sure, there’s the resident creep wondering why you’re nursing that whiskey by yourself. But hey, it was this or yet another Sunday in your boxers watching Pele’s top 500 goals on youtube. Before you know it, you’re laughing at a cat playing piano on your television screen, its 1 AM on a Monday dark and you hate yourself.

As a child, the best part about school was that it would end in 6 hours and you could rush to your closest parks and play with your friends. The older we get, surprisingly, the lesser time we seem to carve for a few hours of sporting fun. Tripoturf, a young start-up of barely three months wants to bring that feeling of elation back to you. The start-up provides a great platform for lovers of all things sports to connect with sports facilities without the hassle of having to drive through town looking for a gymkhana that doesn’t look like a bomb hit its grounds.

Watching Pele own that field is magical, but the internet is a spiral web of weirdness that shows your favourite players do what they do best while you salivate over their athleticism. By the time you’re inspired enough to make a move yourself, the day is done. Tripoturf has an easy solution to this problem of ‘what do I do today? You can lift that laptop back, say farewell to Pele and Mr. Muffins the cat for a few hours, and browse through a website that points you to a number of grounds in the game of cricket, tennis and football to horse riding and aerobics. Their mission is simple; they wish to make sports and fitness accessible to all, through technology.

The user-friendly website provides you with verified pictures of every facility in their database. Icons in the description highlight features like parking, canteen, drinking water, lockers, and washroom for men and women, and so on. Once you assess your options, the only thing left to do is pick the day and time-slot of your choice and you are provided with the rates for the same. The payment process is simple, and in no time, you’ve got plans!

To promote a culture of health and happiness, the founders of Tripoturf have built a dedicated online sports platform that benefits multiple parties. On one hand, sports facilities and infrastructure owners are better positioned to manage and maintain their inventory and memberships. On the other hand, athletes have hassle-free experiences when it comes to finding and booking a space for themselves in over fifteen different sports of their choice.

The online platform is not limited to just renting a field, court or pool for that matter. There are sections dedicated to established tournaments; finding opponents for a match and planning tournaments on your own. By maintaining a professional profile through their Player profiling sub-module and online scoring app, you can keep track of your improvement in your favourite games. Tripoturf is your answer to friends or colleagues who spend too much time on Whatsapp discussing plans but never committing to one. And for those without company, the start-up intends to create a section in the future that will let one choose a playing partner who is as passionate about the sport.

Initial focus of Tripoturf is in Delhi-NCR and Bangalore. With a bunch of innovative ideas under their wings, the start-up is looking to create a sporting ecosystem that brings together owners of these spaces with wellness enthusiasts, amateur sportspersons and established players in a manner that benefits all. Enough staring at a Federer on TV or on the internet, get out there and find yourself a Nadal.